Otherwise known as: Cocker Spaniel Cavalier

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The Cockalier is a gentle natured small dog that shows a strong desire to please their owners. Attractive to look at, they make an ideal family dog who relates well to children and other pets. They are intelligent dogs who are easy to train as they love to please, and respond well to kind instructions and lots of praise and pats along the way. These dogs are usually easy to housetrain. They make loyal and devoted pets and don’t seem to have an aggressive bone in their body. They may bark on the arrival of strangers, but it is a warning only – rarely do they get aggressive. The Cockalier will love to play or go for a walk, but they still retain the instincts of the hunt so keep them on a leash, or they may take off after birds or small animals.


The Cockalier is a dog breed that is well known for its easy-going ways and sweet temperament. They are intelligent dogs and eager to please, so they do well in training. The Cockalier is a quick learner, and their strong desire to please their owners makes training a breeze. These dogs get along with other pets in the home, and they make good family pets. They are very tolerant of the antics of young children, and usually, never display any signs of aggression. The Cockalier is a loyal, devoted and very loving dog who enjoys being part of family life. They are just as content to curl up on your lap for a good belly rub and soak in all the attention they can garner, as they are enthusiastic to join in when a game is offered. While they will bark to let you know when someone is on the property, they will most likely lick them joyfully, rather than show aggression.

Grooming Requirements

he coat of the Cockalier will vary depending on whether it is more like its Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parent or whether it takes after its Cocker Spaniel parent. They usually have a coat that ranges between the fine soft Cavalier coat or the curlier Cocker Spaniel. They do need regular brushing to ensure their fur doesn’t get matted, but once or twice a week with a firm bristle brush is fine. The Cockalier will love the attention of the grooming session, so take the opportunity to also wipe out inside the ears, check around the eyes, and to brush their teeth to keep them healthy. Their nails may need clipping especially if they are mostly indoors – you will soon know when you hear them ‘clicking’ around the house.

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