Otherwise known as: Poovanese Havadoodle Havanoodle Havanese-Poodle

Havapoo Puppies for sale in Long Island, New York.

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The Havapoo is a cross between the Havanese and the Poodle (standard, miniature or teacup). Very famous for their cute looks, busy ways and movements, and charming disposition, they are small dogs that are ideal for almost all types of people and houses. Their curly coat, round button eyes, small, black nose, hanging ears and fluffy tail has all served to their beauty. Havapoos are friendly little creatures that are energetic, playful, loving, intelligent, and outgoing. Like all the owners must have noticed that, they are very affectionate, and will enjoy spending all of their time with their family, exhibiting great gentleness and intelligence. It is their this intelligence that has made their nature curious and inquisitive. It is again this very intelligence and energetic disposition that have made many individuals successful as obedience and agility trail dogs.


With their playful instincts, they cherish playing with kids. However, since small-size dogs often suffer from the very common ‘small dog syndrome’, it is wise to pet them in homes that have older kids. They are also good with strangers and wouldn’t be hesitant warming up with them in a short while. Alternately, this behavior makes them less of a watchdog. They are also very much comfortable with small animals and other dogs, and they are more than happy to spend time with other breeds or any species. Though, this proves to be more successful when training starts early. To discuss about their outgoing attitude, some Havapoos show extrovert behaviors, while others can be docile and cuddly, enjoying most of the time staying close to their families. Since they are very sensitive, mixed with their intelligence, you will hardly be able to hide any of your feelings from your havapoo, since they can apparently ‘read’ your mind. They possess incredible sensitivity to voices. This makes them a very precious companion.

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