Hypo Allergenic
Hypo Allergenic
Family Dog
Family Dog

Mini Woodle

Whoodles are known for their wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and even coats. But their appearance can range quite a bit as compared to some other breeds. Below we will go over some of the standards of what you can expect a Whoodle to look like. Puppies can have any combination of base colors, pattern type, and coat type.

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Puppy Knowledge

Breed Info


Because both Wheatens and Poodles have hair rather than fur, like most other dog breeds, Whoodles are considered hypoallergenic or “Non-Sheding.”


The unique appearance of the Whoodle is a very valuable quality to have in this breed. Having such a fantastic mind complimented by their soft coats are one reason why this breed is in such high demand.

Exercise/Energy Level

Engaging your Whoodle in some type of activity daily is a must. You and your dog will both be much happier, as he exercises you’ll find destructive tendencies lessen. As you spend this quality time together you’ll increase your bond and communication skills all in an effortless way. The possibilities are endless when it comes to exercise. Whether you go on a jog, go hiking together or just play some fetch in the backyard it is guarenteed both of you will have a good time.

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